An older version of Beatrice from "Beatrice and the Bunny".

Professional Mess

19 | cis girl | ace/pan | she/hers

Hello! I am Ylimegirl, also known as Emily Lrig. I'm a senior in high school living in the Bay Area and I've done a lot of things on the Internet within the last five years or so. It's kind of incredible. This website serves as a hub for all of these things, so look around and see if you like anything!


I've completed a fair amount of work for various projects, most of which are wiki-related. You can see all of the wikis I've worked on on my Community Wikia profile, I've worked as a staff member on the Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, Ben 10, DC Super Hero Girls, Gravity Falls, The Most Popular Girls in School, MS Paint Adventures, Nightfall, Portability, Questionable Content, Poptropica, and Steven Universe wikis. I've also worked on the site theming on the DC Super Hero Girls, The Most Popular Girls in School, Nightfall, Questionable Content, and Poptropica wikis. I've also worked on a few websites for school. I mostly on a wiki-editing hiatus as I got burnt out after about three solid years of constant editing and wiki-hopping, and I think I've left a... divided opinion in the communities.


Like most people, I enjoy a lot of entertainment, which are listed here.


I started drawing extensively in 2013 and still continue to do so, but I'd like to believe with some improvement. I've also made various kinds of conceptual art and photography in school. My favorite works are viewable here, and more of my art is viewable on my deviantArt. I started making poetry in late 2016 and have continued to make it on and off. You can view a guide to my different pieces of poetry here and can view all of them on my deviantArt as well.


I have about a dozen story concepts, all of which I've developed extensively. I hope to make a subpage per story with information on it soon!


Master list of where else you can find me online. Whether I'm active or not in these places is another story.